Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap Review

General Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap Information

dermisil-acne-soapDermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is one of Dermisil’s staple acne treatments. Dermisil for Acne Medicate Soap differs very, very greatly from the majority of all soap-based acne treatments, and the reasons for this will be elucidated shortly. Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is 100% natural, employing nothing but natural plant extracts and other homeopathic substances intended to promote natural healing.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap varies from other forms of acne treatment in several ways. The first major branch of differences in Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is, first and foremost, what Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap does not contain. Many different acne treatments, especially soaps, scrubs and other topical agents, rely on various concentrations of acid. The acid used is usually a very dilute form of salicylic acid. salicylic acid can help to treat and prevent acne in many different cases. However, salicylic acid is still a form of acid. It is still of a low PH and it is still caustic, at any concentration. salicylic acid helps combat acne in large part by drying out the skin, which can prevent the pores from becoming clogged with sebum, the base component of the skin’s own natural oils.

This can be counter-productive, however. Individuals who suffer from dry skin are not likely to see much benefit from salicylic acid-based soaps, as their skin is already dry, and it isn’t overproduction of oil that is causing their acne. Various contributing factors can cause acne, and salicylic acid can only effectively treat one. Women, in particular, may find that they have difficulty with salicylic acid-based products; estrogen results in much lower sebum production rates, and consequently much drier skin. If the skin is dry already, there is absolutely no need to dry it out further. If the skin is dried out unnecessarily, it can lead to the death of skin cells. Dead skin can collect easily, and is one of the primary components of the pore blockages that result in acne vulgaris, blackheads and whiteheads. While proper exfoliation can lower the impact of the damage that dead collected skin can do, this is still a step that can be avoided by not allowing dead skin to collect in the first place.

The second thing that Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap lacks is any sort of steroid content. Many acne treatments include some form of steroid treatment. Steroid treatments arrest the immune system. When applied topically, these can prevent the creation of excess sebum and the immune response to blocked pores which can produce various types of acne. Acne is nothing more than the visible product of an immune response, like nearly all symptoms of all ailments, so the suppression of the immune system locally can arrest the acne itself. This is frequently an effective treatment to a point, but there are obvious issues at hand. The first is treating a primarily cosmetic condition with immunosupressant drugs. While this can be effective to reduce acne outbreaks, it’s something of a crowbar for dealing with a problem that a screwdriver would be better suited for.

More often than not, the alternative to some form of acid or steroid in a topical acne treatment is-nothing. There is no alternative in the vast majority of all treatment forms. Salicylic acid at a heavy dilution is the primary treatment option, and is available over the counter in the form of wipes and creams and astringents. Other forms of acidic material can also be used for the same purpose. Steroids are available most exclusively by prescription, in various formulations, for topical use alone. The only alternative is not a treatment in and of itself, but a long-term support option: antibiotics.

Antibiotics suppress infectious agents and can interact with the immune system to fight off pathogens. This can be beneficial, but once again, only as a supporting measure to bolster the effectiveness of other treatments. Besides that, antibiotics carry with them the reality of tolerance. Antibiotics become less effective for individuals over time as their own systems grow to tolerate them, and beyond that, antibiotic use can provoke mutations in bacteria. Antibiotics can destroy a large number of bacteria but never eliminate all of them. If they fail to eliminate all of them, the remaining bacteria can reproduce, and the individual mutations that allowed them to survive may perpetuate–this is bad for everyone involved. While this is a worst-case scenario, antibiotics are themselves again, a very strong, very blunt tool applied, in the case of acne, to a primarily cosmetic condition, and there are frequently better options.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap does not use salycilic acid nor any form of steroid. Instead, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is medicated for use in treating acne through the use of natural herbal substances and plant extracts. These substances are not derived through pharmaceutical processes, but rather taken from nature. This, in and of itself, means very little: many things are natural. Hemlock is natural, and also lethal. In this circumstance, the ‘all-natural’ tag is a reference to Dermisil’s gentler nature. While ‘all-natural’ does not inherently mean anything, it can spell a much gentler treatment. Steroids carry with them side effects and risks, and salicylic acid, while useful for a number of individuals, can be completely counter-productive in others.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap uses natural extracts to avoid either of these problems. Natural extracts are, additionally, fat soluble. This means that they linger in the system, maintaining their effects, for a long time afterward, while most medications are simply metabolized back out of the system by the kidneys or cease being effective once they’ve reached body temperature. All in all, this creates a much more effective treatment option that penetrates the system deep and goes directly after the difficulties that need correcting. The use of natural extracts that are fat-soluble means many of the benefits that apply will remain for a period of time following cessation of use. As a stark counterpoint to some medications and soap options, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap can be missed for a day or two without completely undoing the efficacy of a treatment, and running out of the soap doesn’t spell immediate doom for maintenance of clear skin.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is a simple bar soap that can be used to wash affected areas, especially the face, neck and back. Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap uses micronized volcanic sulfur as its primary active ingredient. Micronized volcanic sulfur is a naturally-occurring substance that has a profound effect on the skin, and can greatly diminish the impact of sebum overproduction. Micronized volcanic sulfur has been used in a number of natural acne treatments to great effect. The soap itself is based on palm kernel and coconut oil, both substances with minimal harshness on the skin-a must for individuals with sensitive skin or acne that might be exacerbated by standard hand soaps.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap has a light lavender scent comparable to many dedicated lavender soaps intended to soothe. Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is not set aside as an aromatherapy supplement, but it does carry a pleasant scent.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap can be used alone, but it is also designed to interact well with other skincare treatment systems. It is first and foremost, soap; while it is medicated soap designed to help clear up acne, it is still a soap intended to cleanse, and this remains its primary purpose.

Is Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap Safe?

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is designed with safety as a primary goal. Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is made entirely of natural components, including plant extracts and other homeopathic substances. Under normal circumstances, ‘all-natural’ doesn’t hold a lot of water. Dermisil breaks that mold wide open, especially where safety and gentleness are concerned.

Most forms of topical acne treatments, especially soaps, use either salicylic acid or some formulation of steroid. These are both very effective, legitimate acne treatments, and proper respect should be paid. There is a very good reason they are used. However, they carry with them problems of their own. Salicylic acid can dry out the skin, and individuals suffering from various forms of dermatitis or eczema may find that this acid exacerbates their condition greatly. The drying and subsequent dying of additional skin cells can be much more harmful than helpful, even if it does strip away the oils that can contribute to acne outbreaks. Steroids, furthermore, carry their own issues-topical steroid usage suppresses the immune system in the area the steroids are applied to, which does reduce the incidence of acne, but also leaves the skin more vulnerable to other sorts of infections. Neither of these can be construed as 100% safe.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap uses neither acids nor steroids-excess dead skin from acid isn’t a risk, and it isn’t anywhere near as likely to exacerbate a related skin condition, simply because it is so much gentler. It doesn’t suppress the immune system to reduce acne, which keeps the skin from being left vulnerable when it doesn’t have to be. While neither of things have been known to be exceptional risks (neither of them are anything compared to, say, the side effects turmoil surrounding the use of accutane), they are very real vectors of complication that can cause unnecessary trouble for regular users-which is, unfortunately, anyone who has a stubborn case of acne that takes more than a few weeks to resolve, and this is a descriptor for most cases of acne that warrant such strong treatments.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is made of predominately hypoallergenic materials that are soft and gentle on the skin, which do not irritate in the way that other acne soaps and even lotions can. This makes it a supremely safe product-even children as young as five years old can use it safely, with no risk of irritation. Additionally, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is medicated in the sense that it is designed to help clear up breakouts of acne, but it is not medicated in the sense of it being a medical product. It remains compatible with most forms of acne treatment, and can supplement pre-existing skincare regimens. It does not significantly alter the health of the whole body in the same way that steroids or antibiotics frequently can, and in fact has almost no impact on health that is not related directly and solely to the health of the skin.

Who makes Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap?

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is produced by Dermisil. Dermisil is a producer of healthful, holistic items designed to heal using exclusively gentle, natural materials. Dermisil produces distinct formulas for many different skin conditions and ailments, holding to certain philosophies and standards-among them gentleness and safety, with manufacturing quality assured by manufacture by hand in small batches.

Dermisil’s methodology and products are a cut above many other natural and herbal treatments. While any number of producers have sought to cash in on the ‘organic’ craze, Dermisil has been producing organic solutions to common skin ailments for years, all backed up by proper medical studies indicating the efficacy of individual treatment components. Anyone can brew up a concoction of sweet-smelling herbs and put them into a soap, but unfortunately, very few will back them up with proper science. Dermisil’s use of proper scientific study is a major boon to their name in the industry, and is one of the primary reasons for their recommendation worldwide.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap Review

Dermisil is a big name in the skincare industry, so we were eager to give Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap a look. Their products have been widely acclaimed by a variety of sources, and their testimonials all check out, so we thought it best to give them a look of our own and pass our own judgment. Dermisil tests their own products, naturally, and produces them based on what works, but we prefer to perform some external verification of our own.

First and foremost, we looked through the Dermisil website. There’s quite a bit of product information there available for the Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap, which is always a good sign. Too many groups selling materials like these have a tendency to be incredibly vague, giving a general overview of their mission statement on their cover page (filled with buzzwords) and then very little information besides ‘treats acne’ on their product pages. Dermisil pushes the boundary on this, thankfully.

Dermisil, furthermore, has an entire tab dedicated to the studies behind the various components of their products. This is more encouraging than anything else. More often than not, there are no studies available for any of the products, let alone independent studies from credentialed individuals. Dermisil, however, runs on them, with proper rundowns of various individual components available. While all companies test their products to some extent, and most can reliably help, very few take the time to go through medical studies-especially when there is no legal requirement to do so.

Dermisil’s individual product pages all have testimonials. This is vastly preferable to many sites that have global testimonials for the full brand. Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap has largely positive testimonials posted, and they look legitimate-obviously not paid. This was another point in Dermisil’s favor (and one that we suspect applies to most of their other products, as well (update: yes, yes it does!)). Reviews and unsourced acclaim are one thing. The studies are a major hit in Dermisil’s favor, but the legitimate testimonials are perhaps the most important element (and this is why we collected some of our own, as well).

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap uses micronized volcanic sulfur as its primary active ingredient. We did some research into it to learn what the big deal was, partly out of curiousity and partly to see if it held any actual medical benefits. Micronized volcanic sulfur is nothing new or revolutionary, in truth-a number of products use it, we discovered. This is because, in short, it is effective. What Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap does is use it affordably. Volcanic sulfur is not exceptionally cheap, but Dermisil keeps their prices down relative to competitors (although how they manage this is beyond us, we aren’t complaining about affordable products!).

First, we tested Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap on an individual who was not suffering from any acne outbreaks. This was not quite a ‘control’ test, as they were not a ‘neutral’ party-they retained their original skincare regimen, the study was not double-blind, and it can hardly be called a ‘study’. We make no claim of scientific rigor and do not claim to have performed a medical study. The point of our test was to determine whether or not the soap would cause any irritation. Dermisil with Acne Medicated Soap was used as directed for a week straight, along with the individuals own standard skincare regimen. There were no increases in irritation visible, nor truly any side effect but increased cleanliness and a healthier shine to the skin, likely due to the micronized volcanic sulfur. With no irritation or negative side effects, we passed a fresh bar along to someone who was suffering from acne trouble.

Some of the testimonials talk about overnight results. Our experience was a little different; we were dealing with a particularly persistent case of acne-not extensive, but unwilling to let loose its grip on our test subject every time a breakout started. Over the course of a week, their acne gradually cleared while Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap was used as directed. However, this was not sufficient data for our standards, as our tester had only intermittent acne. They continued to use Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap to see if repeated and continual use would ward off recurrence of acne. We found an adolescent family member who copped to having acne issues (not without quite a bit of embarrassment, of course), and gave them a fresh test bar.

In any event, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap remained effective. They maintained their current (unfortunately ineffective) skincare treatment alongside it with the exception of their salicylic-acid based soap. Previously the soap had been the one product that seemed to make a difference, so they were a little wary of giving it up. Over the course of about a week, their acne was greatly reduced. In the following weeks, it vanished entirely.

Our first subject has remained acne free even through the worst breakouts. They stopped using the soap after a time, and the breakouts returned. Presently they are trying to determine whether or not there is a way to hold acne at bay without the soap, trying to fine-tune their skincare regimen (which, given the weeks that have to be waited between each change, is taking quite awhile-but they’re thorough, if obsessive). Our second subject won’t give up their soap at all, and has restocked their supply. They haven’t dealt with any breakouts except when their hygiene has seriously slipped for one reason or another-one week of camping did bring about some trouble for them, as they had a hard time keeping their face consistently clean. This falls under the purview of ‘not using Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap’, however.

All in all, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap has demonstrated itself to be a very effective acne treatment in its own right, and even more effective when it supplements a pre-existing skincare plan centered around management of acne.

The only complaint we have about Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap isn’t so much of a complaint, but wishful thinking: like most products, it has a hard time dealing with already-clogged pores. There are few products that deal with these, and we never expected Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap to resolve them. However, Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap has successfully kept pores clear after they’ve been cleared through other means (usually pore strips).

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap Testimonials

Desiree, from Stockton, California
So I’ve been dealing with acne on and off to different degrees for years. A lot of my friends ‘grew out of it’ like around their 20s? I’m 25 and still have trouble sometimes. Anyway, I gave Dermisil’s medicated soap a try while I was on an all-natural kick. It came highly recommended on a forum I frequented at the time. My hometown has pretty bad air quality, so I fight with a lot of skin trouble, and my skin especially gets dried out a lot, everywhere, scalp too. So every time my friends would recommend a product it would usually be acid-based, and they always worked really fine for them, but they were dealing with acne because their skin was too oily. My skin is too dry so I still have acne because the dead skin clogs my pores up. Dermisil’s soap did me good, though, and now my breakouts are a lot more rare. It doesn’t work quite overnight, but it’s close, and usually I see a difference in two to three days. I’ve recommended it to a bunch of my friends, even the ones that use the ‘normal’ acne soaps, because it works so well! =)

John, from Oregon
Acne has been a pain in the butt for me for a long time. Basically since I started high school.

I didn’t like trying new products because they were usually expensive and didn’t work very well. I did not have the money to try to talk to a dermatologist for a prescription, so basically everyone said I was out of luck until it away.

A friend of mine told me to use Dermisil because it’s what she used. I was a little iffy about it because it seemed girly, but it seems to be helping…so I am happy with it!

Where can I buy Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap?

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap is available on Dermisil’s website, located here. Dermisil carries many different products, all sharing the same philosophical roots as Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap-safe on skin, suitable for most ages, produced in small batches, the full gamut of good natural things.

Dermisil for Acne Medicated Soap
4 Stars
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