Steroid Acne

What is Steroid Acne?

Steroid acne is a severe form of acne brought on by topical or oral usage of steroids. Steroids can force the sebaceous glands into complete overdrive, causing extensive outbursts of acne vulgaris that grow worse with time and compound. Pimples formed from the blackheads and whiteheads caused by steroid acne tend to spread into even bigger, more pronounced lesions that can be extremely painful. Because the pimples and lesions have a tendency to be swollen with more sebaceous material than normal, they have a tendency to be inflamed and somewhat brighter red. They are frequently very distinct, and individuals using steroids that suffer from steroid acne can be very easy to identify. This has been exploited in a number of anti-steroid abuse public service announcements. Unlike some scare tactics deployed to alter and influence teen behavior, steroid abuse frequently does result in easily-identifiable acneiform eruptions.

Steroid acne is unique from many other forms of acne in that it tends to grow worse with time, rather than intensity of exposure. Whether or not someone increases steroid dosage, steroid acne has a tendency to grow worse. It should be clarified, however, that a higher steroid dosage will in fact augment and make steroid acne all the worse. The higher the dose, the worse it will get, and the longer they are abused, the more it will become apparent.

Who gets Steroid Acne?

Steroid acne is limited to individuals who use steroids. This much is obvious. However, there are a number of factors that can pre-dispose one to steroid acne much in the way one can be pre-disposed to other forms of acne outbreak.

First and foremost, oral steroid usage is almost always more likely to be a steroid acne culprit. Acne can actually be treated with the application of topical steroids. This may make either the treatment or the concept of steroid acne seem counter-intuitive, but the truth is that steroids can help to arrest the spread of acne. However, they can also cause sebaceous hyperplasia (overproduction of sebum). Oral steroids are generally used for the purposes of athletic enhancement. Topical steroids are generally used for the purposes of treating cutaneous conditions. In a way, steriod acne can be karmic, as it tends to afflict those that abuse steroids more than those that are prescribed steroids for other reasons.

Men are more prone to steroid acne than women. While both men and women can suffer side effects from steroid use and steroid abuse, men have a much higher androgen (male hormone) production level. This contributes to higher sebum production and oilier skin, which makes them more prone to acne to begin with and means that any acne they do develop tends to be worse and get worse very quickly. The compounding nature of steroid acne is amplified by male androgen levels.

Younger individuals tend to be more prone to steroid acne. This is primarily a feature of their intense hormone fluctuations and high hormone levels. This applies to both young men and young women. Older males and females may both suffer from steroid acne, of course, but younger individuals tend to get the brunt of it. Ironically enough, younger men and women have a tendency to be more likely to abuse steroids.

What causes Steroid Acne?

Steroid acne is caused by steroid use. Of all possible uses of steroids, steroid abuse is most likely to cause steroid acne, and oral steroid use is even more likely. The higher the dose of steroids used, the more likely steroid acne becomes. Its symptoms tend to increase over time, and it tends to grow more severe the higher the dose is.

What does Steroid Acne cause?

Steroid acne can cause severe scarring. Steroid acne is far more likely to scar than most other forms of acne vulgaris. This is primarily due to the trauma that is more likely to be inflicted on the skin by the buildup of sebum under the dermis. The pustules, pimples and lesions that steroid acne can bring about are frequently far harsher and far larger than their more mundanely-originated counterparts can ever become.

How serious is Steroid Acne?

Steroid acne is a fairly serious condition. While it has no mortality rate, it can cause severe skin damage and have huge cosmetic and psychological effects. Steroid acne, having much larger lesions and pimples, is far more likely to cause severe scarring than standard acne vulgaris. The bright, telltale lesions and pimples are bait for an unforgiving peer group among those most likely to suffer from steroid acne.

Steroid acne, further, is serious for what it indicates. The most likely cause of steroid acne is steroid abuse. Many of the legitimate medical uses for steroids may still possibly cause steroid acne, but it is made far more likely by steroid abuse. This is probably less of a concern for anyone presently suffering from steroid acne, but should be taken as a sign by those around them that intervention or investigation is immediately necessary. Steroid abuse can cause a number of side effects far worse than simple steroid acne, which will then have to be dealt with with extreme prejudice.

What does Steroid Acne treatment look like?

Steroid acne treatment consists, first and foremost, of removal from the primary acne catalyst. Acne conditions will not go away immediately when their cause is removed; the pimples and pustules will still have to resolve themselves naturally over time. Scarring will remain somewhat more likely due to the advanced nature the acne lesions will have probably reached.

Further acne treatments then become much more functional and optional. Courses of antibiotics can do much to resolve acne outbreaks, as can certain facial treatments. Steroid acne is effectively the same as acne vulgaris once the steroid catalyst is eliminated. Ironically enough, topical steroids may be utilized to break very severe outbreaks of acne, even if oral steroid use was the original cause.

How do I know if I have Steroid Acne?

Steroid acne is easily identifiable as the result of steroid usage. Individuals that do not suffer from acne who begin to suffer from it after they begin using or abusing steroids can rather safely point at steroids as the reason for their difficulty. Likewise, it should be easy to determine if steroid usage is making a pre-existing case of acne significantly worse.

Steroid acne is nothing to be trifled with. Steroids, likewise, should not under any circumstances be abused. There are a number of legitimate medical reasons to utilize steroids, but all of these should only ever be done with the full aid and support of a trained medical professional.

What is the Recommended Acne Treatment?

There are many treatments available for acne of all types. However, in our experience, the most effective is Dermasil for Acne. Dermasil for Acne is a unique treatment option that approaches the problem of acne from a different angle, and can effectively supplement all other forms of treatment, or be used on its own.

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