Dermisil for Poison Ivy Review

General Dermisil for Poison Ivy Information

dermisil-for-poison-ivyDermisil for Poison Ivy is a natural alternative treatment for poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. While many cures for the toxins of these plants involve harsh chemicals, Dermisil is designed with nothing but all-natural ingredients and formulated to be as gentle as possible on and in the skin. The use of plant extracts sets Dermisil for Poison Ivy apart from other treatments as well by allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin, rather than simply clinging to the surface. This allows Dermisil to linger in the system longer and do more good over a longer period of time, guaranteeing the continued relief of the suffering caused by poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. This mimics, ironically, the ability of the oils of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac to seep into the skin. This means that the irritating chemicals that cause the rashes of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac are attacked where they reside under the skin, not just where they can be easily wiped away on the surface.

Is Dermisil for Poison Ivy Safe?

All Dermisil products are formulated with safety and gentleness in mind as priorities above all else. All Dermisil products are safe for use on children as young as five, with some even being viable for the treatment of newborns. Dermisil for Poison Ivy is a gentle alternative to other poison ivy treatments which may actually bring further irritation to the skin.

Another risk run by many poison ivy treatments is the potential for it to spread. It should be noted that Dermisil for Poison Ivy still cant spread poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak to other areas of the body if it is not properly washed first. The first line of treatment is always to clean the affected area first with gentle soap and lukewarm water. If this has not been carried out, almost any form of topical treatment will produce a spread of poison ivy, including Dermisil. It should go without saying that it must be used as directed, but within these parameters it is completely tested and completely safe.

Who makes Dermisil for Poison Ivy?

Dermisil for Poison Ivy is produced, naturally, by the Dermisil company. Dermisil is a long-standing name in skincare. While many niche brands on the web come and go with the fads, jumping from one big thing to another, Dermisil has instead decided to carve its own place into the monolithic industry by holding to a single design philosophy for better and worse.

Dermisil is something of an oddity in the skincare industry, for several reasons. First is their refusal to chase fads. Internet marketing revolves heavily on what’s trending, but Dermisil stubbornly sticks to their guns and continues selling products they’ve tested and seen to produce results. In addition to their own testing, they put forward relevant scientific studies when available, as done by third party and unrelated dermatologists. This form of third-party verification is almost unheard of. Many companies with the budgets carry out studies of their products, but these are naturally designed to put their products in the most positive light possible. The studies employed here are completely third-party and independent, with no link to Dermisil directly, giving them unique academic clout.

Additionally, Dermisil has been certified by the Better Business Bureau as a reliable e-commerce website. This is an interesting certification, as it denotes a certain degree of quality that most competitors are found wanting. This certification is related to Dermisil’s customer service policy and customer service practice. A Better Business Bureau certification indicates that a business is reliable and safe to order from, among other things; they do not offer certifications likely, and their certifications are completely independent, rather than badges that can be purchased with standard conformity or anything else.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Poison Ivy Review

We really didn’t want to review Dermisil for Poison Ivy. We like to do a review of every product that we can regardless of its origin or reputation. As consequence, our being able to review Dermisil for Poison Ivy would mean that we or someone one of our members is acquainted with would have to suffer from poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. So we weren’t looking forward to reviewing Dermisil for Poison Ivy, because that would mean someone would have to get exposed to it first, and it can be exceedingly unpleasant for absolutely anyone to deal with.

Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t very long into the summer before someone went on a camping trip and got their legs rather thoroughly exposed to a patch of poison ivy. It was a bad, bad case, and simple calamine wasn’t cutting it in the least, which was all they had on hand before they got back home. We got them a bottle posthaste, and they applied it.

Poison ivy can take a varying amount of time to clear up, but our editor reported feeling a degree of relief immediately upon application. It continued to work for longer than their previous treatments as well, largely due (we assume) to Dermisil’s penetrative nature.

Where can I buy Dermisil for Poison Ivy?

Dermisil for Poison Ivy is available through Dermisil’s website. This is not an exclusive product to their website, but ordering through Dermisil’s website is the safest way to get a bottle: there are a number of knockoff brands that attempt to capitalize on Dermisil’s branding and reputation. These have a tendency not to carry the same degree of effectiveness and are manufactured cheaply at best, and should be avoided in favor of the real product.

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