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General Dermisil Information

Dermisil is a brand name well-known and respected in the skin care industry. Dermisil produces all-natural, organic skin care products intended to treat a variety of conditions and designed to support long-term skin health. For years, Dermisil has sought to buck the use of ‘all-natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘homeopathic’ as terms that could and should be placed in square-quotes. Dermisil has a number of tough, terrible acts to follow: for many years, natural and organic products have been capitalized on without concern for their efficacy or function.

Dermisil takes things a different route: they seek first and foremost to make products that work. All-natural and organic ingredients of high quality are a requirement for their products. If they cannot generate an effective formula using the extracts of plants and ground ambient minerals from geological activity, they won’t market it.

The use of plant extracts as their primary source of active ingredient carries with it a profound effect in that all Dermisil products are fat-soluble to some degree. Plant oils and extracts easily penetrate the skin and settle below it to be released slowly over time. This means that Dermisil products last longer and contribute to the health of the skin over time. This common trait associated with most all of their catalog has served their customers well for some time now.

As a company, Dermisil has set themselves apart from many of their competitors (even those well-outside direct competition, at the makeup counters) by providing scientific evidence for their products. These are not in-house studies conducted by their employees, but rather professional analyses of the various ingredients that go into their individual formulas. Whenever one of the ingredients they use pops up in another dermatology study, they post a link to it. They make it a point to put the science in front of their customers, and have a dedicated tab on their website to these third-party studies.

Is Dermisil Safe?

In a word, yes. Dermisil products are created with safety in mind, and are a part of why Dermisil relies upon natural ingredients. While not all ‘natural’ things are particularly good for you—most of the plants on the planet can leave humans feeling very ill—there are a number of them that are very beneficial, and in many cases these carry little risk for side-effects, unlike some more traditional medical treatments. By acting primarily upon the issues at hand and promoting the health of the skin, Dermisil products can be used alongside many other treatments without risk of overdose or complication, making them effective complements to other treatment regimens. This draws a sharp contrast with many similar products, which can only be used one at a time or which will only have a limited effect in tandem. Because Dermisil operates on different founding principles than most skin care products, however, it is effective alongside many other skin care products and can slot into most skin care regimens seamlessly.

All Dermisil products are rated as safe for children as young as five years old. Some of them are suitable for even younger children, including newborn infants. Dermisil products are supremely gentle on the skin and don’t cause outbreaks of rashes or other side effects.

Who makes Dermisil?

Dermisil products are manufactured by Dermisil. Dermisil is the company name and sole brand, and the Dermisil label has come to imply certain design philosophies: all-natural organic ingredients, small batches manufactured by hand, quality and effectiveness. All-natural ingredients that are effective are relatively hard to come by, but Dermisil manages to foot this bill anyway, holding to the use of only the most effective items.

The use of small-batch hand-manufacture serves as both a measure of quality manufacturing and quality control. Dermisil products are produced to very specific tolerances and measurements. Any batch that falls outside the specification is discarded. There are not ranges of acceptable inaccuracy to speak of, which is unique. Even high-end manufacturing companies who can afford to discard even half their produced items don’t use tolerances that strict, but Dermisil is committed to quality.

The effectiveness of Dermisil formulas are backed up by scientific evidence. This is perhaps the farthest cry from their competitors, and is what entices many to try Dermisil for the first time. Dermisil doesn’t make the science behind their products a secret, because the science supports them; their website has a dedicated tab to various third-party studies. These studies were not performed on Dermisil’s behalf (and thus, not on their dime), but rather by unaffiliated dermatologists and other researchers. They are not studies into Dermisil’s products, but rather the the individual ingredients and what they can and cannot do for the skin. They are not product reviews or testimonials (although there is no dearth of those on their product pages, as can be expected), but rather external confirmation of the theory, philosophy and technical manufacture of Dermisil’s products. Not all of the ingredients they use have studies behind them, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for all of what they employ, and as studies come out, they update their records accordingly.

The Better Business Bureau has recognized Dermisil as well, not for the efficacy of their products but for the quality of their customer service and their concern for their customers. The Dermisil website is certified for protection of privacy and rated as a safe, trusted manufacturer. Dermisil maintains and honors a return policy for all of their products and has demonstrated themselves to be quite willing to work with satisfied and unsatisfied customers alike, thus earning the respect of the Better Business Bureau, which is a more than rare accolade in most branches, industries and subsets of the still-wild frontier that is e-commerce.

Where can I buy Dermisil?

Dermisil is available online through several retailers. Some of these retailers are more reliable than others, however. Dermisil has spawned several knockoffs in the wake of their success. This says something about the quality of their products, but also makes it somewhat risky to purchase their products from dealers that are not Dermisil themselves.

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