Dermisil for Jock Itch Review

General Dermisil for Jock Itch Information

dermisil-for-jock-itchDermisil for Jock Itch is Dermisil’s product to the fungal infection known as jock itch. Jock itch is no different from athlete’s foot. The same hardy, prolific fungus causes both infections, but athlete’s foot is specifically associated with feet. Jock itch is the same infection in other locations of the body. Generally, jock itch is a more severe infection than athlete’s foot, as it represents an infection strong enough to take hold without the ideal environment of a shoe.

As consequence, Dermisil’s formula for jock itch is a strong, no-nonsense treatment that destroys the fungus that cause jock itch at the lowest level possible. Dermisil products, including this one, all use all-natural materials and nothing else for their active ingredients and binders. In place of the nearly-plastic synthetics used in other formulas, their soaps use palm oil, for instance. While the synthetics common to the skincare industry are entirely valid forms of treatment, sometimes something a little stronger and deeper-acting is ideal, and that is what this formulation provides.

While ‘all-natural’ and ‘organic’ are generally used as buzzwords, Dermisil actually has a very valid reason for choosing to use all-natural and organic materials in their products. Plant extracts are fat-soluble. This means that Dermisil products penetrate deep into the skin, rooting out infection and other symptoms at the core. Fat-soluble products additionally stay in the system where they belong for a longer period of time before they are drawn out of the system. All told, this produces a product that is longer-lasting and more effective for cases of jock itch that are otherwise too resilient.

Is Dermisil for Jock Itch Safe?

In a word, yes. All Dermisil products are safe for children of as young as five, and some are even gentle enough for infants. This formula in particular is of the former variety, as a gentle alternative to harsher anti-fungals. Many anti-fungal agents as would be applied for jock itch run the risk of causing what is known as an ‘id reaction’. An id reaction is a secondary rash that can break out as a result of the use of antifungal treatments, exacerbating the symptoms of the already-present fungal infection. This is rarely more than a nuisance and inconvenience; it is uncomfortable more than harmful. That said, it is still something that Dermisil avoids that many products fail to take into consideration.

Who makes Dermisil for Jock Itch?

Dermisil for Jock Itch is a product in the Dermisil line. Dermisil is a company geared around functional all-natural products that deliver effective results in the shortest span of time possible. Dermisil is a name brand. While many purveyors of all-natural health supplements are little more than hobbyists seeking to turn a profit, Dermisil is a full-fledged skincare company recognized by the Better Business Bureau for their superior business practices and reliable customer service.

Dermisil’s philosophy is one of holistic healing through high-quality natural products. They use rare and common plant extracts alike, choosing on what works for the task at hand for deep-penetrating, truly effective skincare. Their production philosophy involves hand-production of small, carefully formulated and inspected batches of product that are guaranteed for individual effectiveness—not effectiveness within tolerance for some huge vat of formula.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Jock Itch Review

Jock itch, like athlete’s foot, is rampant at one of our editor’s gym. While we’ve had one editor review Dermisil for Athlete’s Foot, we decided to bring in a third party to check out Dermisil for Jock Itch on our behalf, and take detailed notes. We like testing products ourselves as much as possible to guarantee their effectiveness. Dermisil is lush with testimonials, but a little extra push doesn’t hurt, and it gives us an excuse to use fancy skincare products!

We had several potential candidates volunteer before any infection with jock itch. It took some doing to find anyone not too embarrassed, but we did round up several, and they were instructed to contact us as soon as possible if they began suffering any symptoms. Embarrassingly enough (our editor’s gym has since stepped up its cleaning procedures, and found out why their already-extensive cleansing wasn’t clearing it out) it was only a few weeks before someone started itching with the fungus. We provided them with a bottle of Dermisil and told them to take copious notes, and also provided them with some teatree oil for the itch and talcum powder to keep their clothes dry. Teatree oil and talcum powder themselves do not cure jock itch; teatree oil is good only for curing itches, and talcum powder merely dries out the skin and helps atrophy the fungus by denying it necessary moisture.

On the first day of use there was no particular change, but our test subject did say that the teatree oil and talcum seemed to help. The second day of use saw no change; they woke up with the itch disruptively uncomfortable and had to use the teatree oil to contain it. Over the course of the next seven days, though, they described the itch as being diminished more and more greatly, until the itch was gone completely. They continued to use Dermisil for awhile after to keep it from flaring back up. It never did. Several more members of the gym promptly bought bottles of their own when they heard about our mini-study.

Dermisil for Jock Itch Testimonials

Elise, AZ

Normally jock itch is thought of as just a guy thing, so I was more than a little embarrassed to be dealing with it. I looked for an answer online to avoid having to deal with it in person, so I wouldn’t have to lie and say it was for my boyfriend or something like that. I found a review for Dermisil and decided I’d try it. Mine was a really persistent case, and while talc was keeping it a little even it was still flaring up worse and worse and made it hard to work. Dermisil cleared it right up though! I still get the itch every once and again (I’m not cut out for hot climates…) but I keep a bottle of Dermisil on hand and it always does me good. Six out of five stars!

Where can I buy Dermisil for Jock Itch?

Dermisil for Jock Itch is most reliably available from Dermisil’s website. There are many other places that sell Dermisil, or claim to sell Dermisil, but ordering from their website is the safest way to know you’re getting the real thing.

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