H-Hemorrhoids Review

General H-Hemorrhoids Information

h-hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids is an ailment that can be very difficult to deal with due to the extreme discomfort it can inflict. There are regrettably few options available for those suffering from hemorrhoids other than to simply wait for it to heal on its own (the exception being more extreme cases which may require surgery). H-Hemorrhoids is Amoils’ solution to all cases of Hemorrhoids, as an all-natural health supplement designed to accelerate recovery and bring about faster, more comfortable healing.

H-Hemorrhoids is produced with all-natural, gentle plant extracts. Some forms of hemorrhoid treatment are actually capable of irritating the skin, even though they play a beneficial role in helping the vein damage that causes hemorrhoids. As plant extracts, the components of H-Hemorrhoids are fat-soluble, and can deeply penetrate the skin, promoting deep tissue healing and long-term wellness.

Is H-Hemorrhoids Safe?

H-Hemorrhoids is a safe form of hemorrhoids treatment with no listed side-effects. As an all-natural product, it is designed to be gentle on the skin and avoid irritation. As an oil, it is designed not to leave the skin dry, as some hemorrhoids products can, which can in some cases belay healing and cause additional distress to an already uncomfortable individual.

H-Hemorrhoids is designed to interact as little as possible with other forms of hemorrhoid treatment. This means it can safely be used alongside other treatment options and augment healing, rather than interfering. For instance, using two over-the-counter creams for hemorrhoids will be redundant at best and possibly quite harmful, and will almost always be contra-indicated by the directions. However, H-Hemorrhoids uses different active ingredients and is thus much safer on the skin, and can be used to supplement a pre-existing treatment strategy to bring about more thorough relief and healing.

Who makes H-Hemorrhoids?

H-Hemorrhoids is produced by Amoils. Amoils is a longstanding, reliable purveyor of all-natural solutions to many ailments. While Amoils has a strong dermatological bent, they also develop and manufacture treatment options for other diseases, such as hemorrhoids. All of Amoils’ products are geared around all-natural, organic and healthful solutions, with no synthetically manufactured components. This makes for a gentle, deep-penetrating treatment that stays with the body for an extended period of time before the body’s natural systems reject it, allowing for increased exposure per dose and an even dispersal of the healing agents in Amoils’ products.

Amoils is a name brand, not an unknown group of rogues bottling knock-offs. They produce their own products and do not claim to be part of any larger company; their copy is honest, and so is their advertising. They’ve been known for quite some time to have excellent customer service, and have long been an excellent example of how to properly manage an e-commerce website. They carry a money-back guarantee for all their products and all of their customers, and as a point of clear distinction, do not increase their shipping rates for the sake of their own profit.

Skinchannel H-Hemorrhoids Review

We really, really hoped we weren’t going to have to review this product, for obvious reasons. Which is to say, we rather hoped we wouldn’t have a case of hemorrhoids on staff to treat. Even so, one of our editors quietly volunteered that they’d been having some difficulty for an extended period of time, as a function of a dietary issue. The discomfort behind hemorrhoids can be as much psychological as physical, so we tried to be as gentle as possible with respect to it, and quietly got them a bottle of H-Hemorrhoids to test for us. It is worth noting here that we are not a scientific organization and do not have the lab facilities necessary to conduct a full medical study, but we do like to test products as much as possible before we give them any sort of blessing or publicity.

They were already receiving some treatment for hemorrhoids, but it was doing little more than reducing the discomfort they were in, and not all the way. Hemorrhoids is caused by damage to the veins in the area it affects, and can be compared to a bruise. Unfortunately, this can result in the pain and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids resetting itself with every bowel movement.

Our editor kept a log of the effects of H-Hemorrhoids over time. On the first three days, they reported no major difference. However, by the third day they remarked that the pain they were suffering was dramatically reduced. By the end of the week, their pain was eliminated completely. They stopped using H-Hemorrhoids immediately after the pain ceased, only to have it recur, but taking up the use of H-Hemorrhoids again alongside their other treatment methodologies purged it successfully, and it rapidly ceased to be a problem. Our editor still keeps a bottle on hand in their medicine cabinet just in case they should have to use it again.

H-Hemorrhoids Testimonials

Dave, WA

I seem to deal with hemorrhoids way too often. That’s not an attractive thing to admit but oh well, I don’t care. I got really sick of it and none of the over the counter stuff was helping. I tried dietary stuff to keep it under control and that wasn’t doing anything, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong that it kept coming back and being a problem. A friend of mine who had used an Amoils product before suggested this one, so I gave it a try because I was desperate (usually I don’t go for ‘natural’ stuff), and I was really impressed! It didn’t work instantly, but what does? It did work quickly, and I haven’t had to deal with hemorrhoids for awhile. So I’m very happy with my purchase!

Where can I buy H-Hemorrhoids?

H-Hemorrhoids is available through Amoils’ website. There are several locations online that offer Amoils products that are, in fact, selling knockoffs that have stolen the Amoils label for the sake of their branding and name recognition, so ordering through the Amoils website is the safest way to get hold of an Amoils product.

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