Dermisil for Impetigo Review

General Dermisil for Impetigo Information

dermisil-for-impetigoDermisil for Impetigo is a product intended to clear up cases of impetigo. Impetigo is a bacterial infection that can be quite resilient and require antibiotic treatment under many circumstances. Dermisil follows a philosophy of all-natural, organic ingredients, particularly of a homeopathic nature. Thus, instead of using harsh antibacterials and antibiotics to eliminate impetigo, Dermisil uses fat-soluble natural extracts.

These extracts penetrate the skin quickly and deeply, allowing it to root out impetigo-causing bacteria where they reside. Ordinarily, impetigo can only be treated once the blisters it causes have ruptured outright and left open, crusting sores. The fat-solubility of the plant extracts employed keeps the formula in the skin’s system for an extended period of time, increasing its effectiveness over time and holding tight to the skin where it is needed. The extracts soak in quickly and thus become harder to wash away afterward with standard cleansing.

Dermisil products as a whole are unique in that the individual components used for them are backed up by third-party scientific studies, conducted by licensed dermatologists. This is a far cry from many ‘all-natural’ products which fail to perform such simple checks. Independent research and verification is the golden standard for veracity in modern medicine, and Dermisil makes it a point to hold to this in the manufacturing of its products. This holds equally true for its Dermisil for Impetigo formulation.

Is Dermisil for Impetigo Safe?

This formulation is quite, quite safe. All Dermisil products are rated for children ages five and older, with several exceptions that are safe for even younger individuals. Dermisil for Impetigo is one of the products that is rated for use in younger children, including infants, as necessary. This is an especially beneficial point with respect to impetigo. While many forms of impetigo infection exist, perhaps the most difficult to treat is barrous impetigo. This is not because barrous impetigo is the most dangerous or tenacious form, but simply because it exclusively afflicts children no older than two. More frequently, it afflicts newborns.

Most treatments for impetigo involve the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are indeed effective, but they carry certain risks. For one, any use of antibiotics can help a patient to build a resistance to them. This is an expectation that can generally be accounted for, but it has a tendency to mean that certain antibiotics can become ineffective over time. This formula doesn’t use antibiotics, and thus does not build antibiotic resistance, which means that treating impetigo can’t interfere with treating other, possibly more dangerous bacteria in the future as is a risk (however small) with antibiotics.

Who makes Dermisil for Impetigo?

Dermisil for Impetigo is produced by Dermisil. Dermisil is a tried-and-true brand that has a stable reputation and a number of devoted followers. Dermisil’s products, including this formula, follow a design philosophy geared around quality and efficacy, while still maintaining its creed of using all-natural, all-organic and homeopathic agents.

Dermisil is certified and lauded by the Better Business Bureau for its practices as a reliable online business, and they maintain a clear and concise return policy for the benefit of their customers.

All Dermisil products, including Dermisil for Impetigo, are manufactured by hand in small batches to exacting specifications, guaranteeing that they maintain a degree of unparalleled purity and precision. This translates to a better product overall, and a consistently effective cure and treatment for many diffrent conditions. In the case of impetigo, it comes in the form of a simple oil that penetrates the skin deeply and roots out the bacteria that cause impetigo.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Impetigo Review

Dermisil for Impetigo is one of Dermisil’s flagship products. Dermisil is already a name in the skincare industry for their employ of all-natural organic materials and homeopathic ideology with effective results, and their Dermisil for Impetigo formulation is a prime example of what their all-natural philosophy can do.

As with all products, we like to test things when we can. However, impetigo of various forms is significantly less common than some other conditions, like acne or athlete’s foot. As consequence, it took us some time to find a test subject. However, we had a specific goal with this particular product. All Dermisil products are safe for children ages five and older, and some are safe for use on children even younger than that, including infants. One of the more common forms of impetigo is known as barrous impetigo, and it exclusively afflicts children no older than two, and usually closer to infancy. It took some time before we found someone willing to let us document a case, but we did—a mother who was already using Dermisil to treat her eighteen-month-old’s impetigo.

Impetigo is a bacterial infection, and as consequence, it can be tricky to beat without the use of harsh antibiotics. Naturally, this isn’t a preferable option if it can be helped, when one is trying to treat a very young child. However, the girl did pull through with flying colors, and her impetigo healed over quickly, without leaving scars.

We were thoroughly impressed with the simplicity of Dermisil for Impetigo’s use, and its safety. Antibiotics carry with them certain risks and leave one vulnerable to extraneous secondary infections, to say nothing of the resistances that using them can build, so we found Dermisil to be a worthy and effective alternative.

Dermisil for Impetigo Testimonials

Rachel, Chicago

My boy had a relatively late case of impetigo at age 3, and I didn’t want to put him through a course of antibiotics and get him sick. He was already afraid of doctors, and I didn’t want him to think all medicine made him feel sick! I had successfully used Dermisil for Eczema for winter to keep my eczema from flaring up when it got cold and dry, so I thought I’d give it a shot, and ordered a bottle as soon as he showed signs of blistering. It was clear again in a week!!

Where can I buy Dermisil for Impetigo?

Dermisil for Impetigo is available most reliably through Dermisil’s website.

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