DermaTend Mole Removal Review

General DermaTend Information

DermaTend is a home mole removal product. There are only a handful of ways to remove moles without surgery, and that is the intention of DermaTend. Most forms of mole removal surgery carry with them certain risks. Many of them carry the risk of scarring, and most all of them carry a very high cost. There are situations in which mole removal surgery is a better idea, but DermaTend is intended to fill in the cracks where full-on surgery is not a necessity for mole removal.

Surgeries vary widely in timespan for success. Some of them work in a single session, while some others require more than one session of treatment. As a very loose rule of thumb, the faster methods carry a higher risk for scarring. DermaTend consistently takes about a minimum of a week to function, with testimonials indicating that it may take up to three to four weeks for removal. This is consistent with surgical treatments that require more than one treatment, as they frequently cannot be done all at once. In some cases, stubborn moles may require as long as six months to fully remove.

DermaTend is not, and doesn’t claim to be a magic bullet for moles. It is not simply a matter of spreading a magic cream on an area and waiting for the mole to vanish. Used as directed, one must grind at the mole with a pumice stone first. This can be somewhat uncomfortable, depending on an individual’s pain threshold, but after this occurs, the site of the mole is to be covered with DermaTend. This allows the affected skin to heal properly. Moles tend to flatten quickly, and the residual pigmentation in the skin wears away after the flattening occurs.

DermaTend frequently requires the same timespan as surgery to function, but at a much lower price.

Is DermaTend Safe?

DermaTend Mole Remover was formulated with safety in mind. The materials used in DermaTend are all-natural; this has become something of a buzzword in recent times, but it carries a different meaning for DermaTend. In this case, it is making reference to the use of particular natural extracts. There are several benefits to this. The first is that they are most frequently hypoallergenic, and not likely to dry the skin out or provoke any secondary symptoms from use. The second is that natural extracts from plants are fat-soluble. This means that they remain in the body and the skin for a longer period of time, which means that they operate more efficiently, as though the same product had been applied again and again at the most optimal time to the most optimal location.

The use of all-natural extracts is nothing particularly new, but their utility for simple remedies like DermaTend is growing more widely acknowledged, and more and more imitators have taken to using them on a regular basis for their own products. DermaTend is not the first to make use of these all-natural treatment methods, but they are not bandwagon impersonators either; the skin care industry has become rife with knockoffs. DermaTend maintains their own brand and stack of guarantees for product satisfaction, which includes safety.

Who makes DermaTend?

DermaTend Mole Remover is produced by DermaTend. It is not their only product, but it is their flagship item, and the most specifically-tailored mole removal product of its type currently available. DermaTend has been in business for some time now, taking advantage of the world wide web for rapid and broad distribution.

This puts DermaTend on a higher standard than many other companies. On the web, reputation is everything; anyone can say anything about you or your product at any time, and if your customers are consistently displeased, even with your money-back guarantee, you will garner bad publicity and fall into bad levels of business, and fast. This makes it exceptionally important to have a functional product and a reliable business; scammers no longer survive as long as they once did on the web. There are simply too many savvy individuals who are ready and willing to report scammers and their ilk to the appropriate authorities at the drop of a hat, for the ultimate benefit of everyone who has access to information and reviews about them.

DermaTend maintains a good reputation even upon more thorough inspection, with genuine reviews and testimonials offered in various locations, including far, far away from their own website. Checking the reputation of a site far away from the actual location of the site is always a safe calibrating means by which to determine their reliability. DermaTend can be found recommended on a handful of blogs and forums ‘far from home’, as it were, which is frequently a good sign for the company as a whole and their products.

Skinchannel DermaTend Review

While we at Skinchannel are not dermatologists nor lab technicians, we are capable of putting together our own product reviews. We cannot conduct a scientific study or offer a medical opinion—merely information and our own personal opinions about a product. We lack the means, unfortunately, to carry out a full investigation up to the standards of scientific rigor. Thus, the following is not a scientific study and should not be treated as such. It is nothing more than the personal experience of our staff with the product at hand, and our own impressions and personal analysis, as best we can provide.

Moles being as common as they are, it was a toss-up as to who would actually be testing the product. However, one of our editors had a more prominent mole on their back that had grown irritating in some clothing, so we gave them the first test run.

DermaTend cannot simply be applied to a mole and forgotten; the mole itself must be treated first. Treating the mole first involves scrubbing at it with a pumice stone. This was somewhat unpleasant for our editor, as they were not in control of the pumice stone themselves and couldn’t reach, but we followed through with the directions and began applying it as directed.

As predicted, the mole flattened in two days. However, following this, the flat pigmentation remained through several scabbings. After about two and a half weeks of repeated use, however, the mole had faded into invisibility and was completely undetectable. It has yet to come back.

We believe DermaTend is an effective product if one is willing to scrub themselves with a pumice stone—this is naturally not the most pleasant experience for some individuals, and it does mean that some moles are difficult to get at. Another editor had great difficulty with one on a different location of their back that was quite hard to get at. Even so, it does seem an effective means of treatment.

Where can I buy DermaTend?

DermaTend can be purchased (among other products) through DermaTend’s website. At this time the are offering several special deals related to DermaTend purchases.

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