Dermisil for Stretch Marks Review

General Dermisil for Stretch Marks Information

dermisil-for-stretch-marksStretch marks are the unsightly result of rapid localized growth under the skin. Pregnancy and weight gain are the most common origin of stretch marks, and regrettably, even if one should burn off their baby weight or get back into shape, the stretch marks will remain. They are an unfortunately often permanent side effect of very common temporary circumstances, and they have been known to be very resilient to removal.

Dermisil for Stretch Marks uses all-natural ingredients in a carefully-tailored concoction designed to remove stretch marks entirely. This is something of a dubious proposition on the surface: ‘all natural’ and ‘organic’ have recently become nothing more than buzz words designed to justify a higher price of goods. Furthermore, stretch marks themselves are ridiculously difficult to remove, and when they do not heal away on their own, it can frequently take steps as extreme as laser treatment and therapy to remove them.

However, there is a good reason Dermisil is all-natural and organic, and it is the reason why eliminating stretch marks is a reasonable goal. All-natural plant extracts such as those used in Dermisil penetrate the skin and are fat soluble. This means they linger where they are needed for an extended period of time and deliver their effects directly to the source of the trouble, nourishing more than just the surface cells and tissues and promoting health on the whole. This allows Dermisil’s unique formulation to act on the skin in ways that competitors, moisturizers and other stretch mark treatments simply can’t, and allows an even distribution of the product through all the stratification of skin cells.

Is Dermisil for Stretch Marks Safe?

All Dermisil products are rated as safe for children as young as five years old, and some are safe for children even younger than that, including newborns. Dermisil for Stretch Marks is a gentle solution that does not irritate the skin, but rather soothes it from within and without. This contrasts with many scented lotions marketed for stretch mark treatment, which do little more than dry the skin out as they evaporate and leave behind the harsh oils and chemicals which make up their scent. All in all, all Dermisil products, including Dermisil for Stretch Marks, are entirely safe.

Who makes Dermisil for Stretch Marks?

This formula is produced by the long-trusted Dermisil company. The Dermisil brand has graced a number of products, all of which are manufactured in-house. All Dermisil products hold to a very stringent manufacturing process that demands small batches and personal oversight, with no automation employed. Batches are tested by hand for purity, and only exacting batches are sold. There are no acceptable degrees of failure or tolerances to speak of in the employ of Dermisil; their formulas are chemically identical to their intended formulation or they are not released to the public, with no exceptions made.

Dermisil is unique among many other e-commerce sites for holding a Better Business Bureau certification, which they proudly display on all their pages. The Better Business Bureau does not certify many sites for good practice, making this a particularly valuable emblem for Dermisil to have. However, Dermisil has become known for its reliable products and its impeccable customer service and dedication to detail and the needs of its consumers, both newcomers and faithful regulars, making them a clear standout for recognition. This certification can be verified with the Better Business Bureau at any time, and is not forged, contrary to what goes on elsewhere.

All Dermisil products fall under a unique banner, as well: medical verification. There is a dedicated navigation tab and page on Dermisil’s website intended just to cover the science of the products they use. They link to third-party studies conducted by unaffiliated scientists, universities and dermatologists intended to outline the function of and illustrate the veracity of their healing claims. This is a deliberate effort to set themselves apart. Far too many companies claiming ‘all natural’ solutions sell nothing more than scented snake oil. Dermisil provides scientific evidence to step up and reject this unreliability, and present themselves as an upstanding, reliable company.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Stretch Marks Review

First and foremost, a disclaimer: we are not scientists, and we do not have a laboratory. The rigor necessary to conduct a full medical study is not something we have or will have access to in the future. We are not doctors. However, we are capable of acting as consumers, and we like to give our own verification and blessing to the products we review. Many testimonials are paid for, and we like to provide unbiased reviews that are not, in the best way we know how: reviewing the products ourselves whenever possible.

Stretch marks are unfortunately not hard to find test subjects for. There were not one, not two, but three individuals on our staff with stretch marks to varying degrees of severity. One of our editors had been pregnant, and the other two had put on some weight rather quickly, for various reasons. The pregnancy stretch marks were the oldest, and the others were relatively recent. We decided to let all three test the product and document its effects.

The weight-gain stretch marks resolved at different rates, oddly enough. Dermisil for Stretch Marks worked as intended, but healed our male editor faster than our female editor. We are not entirely sure why this is, but suspect it may be due to the nature of the skin itself as modified by hormonal influences. Our male editor was also actively engaged in a fitness regimen, while our female editor was not.

The pregnancy stretch marks proved resilient. Over the prescribed time, Dermisil reduced but did not completely eliminate their visibility. However, they did vanish entirely some three days afterward. We’re willing to accept this degree of success for something as stubborn as years-old stretch marks.

All in all, Dermisil for Stretch Marks is a success, but it should be noted that it does seem to have trouble with older stretch marks.

Where can I buy Dermisil for Stretch Marks?

Dermisil for Stretch Marks is available through Dermisil’s website. There are a number of imitators on the market, making it best to order directly from Dermisil when possible.

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