Dermisil for Shingles Review

General Dermisil for Shingles Information

Dermisil for Shingles is a relatively new product on the market, and is one of the treatment options for dealing with shingles. Shingles is a very painful, frequently very harmful disease brought on by the herpes zoster virus. Herpes zoster is the result of herpes varicella, better known as the chicken pox. When one suffers from herpes varicella, they eventually develop an immunity to it. This forces all future incidences of herpes varicella into a pattern of weakness: the body is so adept at fighting the virus off that it simply cannot do anything. However, should one’s immune system be compromised, they run the risk of herpes zoster presenting itself from its latent state in the body, causing shingles.

This product is an all-natural agent intended to ease the pain of the symptoms of shingles and more rapidly bring about relief. As a viral infection, there is little to do as a matter of treatment but to assuage the symptoms as well as possible until the body bucks the virus on its own. This can sometimes be made easier by the application of antiviral drugs, but these are unfortunately not a magic bullet: antivirals work with the body’s immune system to destroy the virus, and so can only shorten the duration.

Is Dermisil for Shingles Safe?

All Dermisil products are guaranteed safe for children as young as five years old, and several are specifically noted for their safety with children even younger than that. There are some that are suitable for—and intended for—newborn infants and the ailments common to them. Dermisil products are made with certain philosophies in place, among them the necessity of all-natural, organic substances that are safe and objectively proven to be effective. The all-natural plant extracts employed by Dermisil are selected carefully for their efficacy and their safety, which draws a sharp contrast with many brands concerned only with token efficacy and cost-efficiency.

There are a number of over-the-counter shingles treatments intended for symptomatic relief that do not carry the same guarantee of safety associated with Dermisil for Shingles. While cases of shingles in children are exceedingly rare, they are still possible, and many of the products intended to treat them have not been tested for safety tolerances in young people. This is a less than attractive quality for concerned parents, but Dermisil for Shingles is safe for anyone over five—the youngest anyone could conceivably have contracted and recovered from varicella zoster in time for such an early infection of herpes zoster.

Who makes Dermisil for Shingles?

This product is manufactured by Dermisil, a long-standing name. Dermisil has been a bastion of homeopathic skin care for some time, and with excellent reason: their products have a following that speaks testimony to their effectiveness. Dermisil as a company sets themselves apart through their philosophy and their actual manufacturing habits, which make for a pleasant alternative to some of the more cynical skin care companies in the world.

Firstly, Dermisil holds to certain philosophies as a matter of policy. These are not always best for business, but they are intended to be better for consumers. All Dermisil products are handmade in small batches. While money could be saved if they were to move to a mass-manufacturing model with a quality control system allowing for tolerances of error, they have rejected such a system. While these are modern conveniences that larger and smaller companies alike employ (which are generally very good, allowing for products of nearly equivalent quality in all but, say, one out of a thousand cases), they have decided that the cost of having a hands-off operation (that one in a thousand case) is simply too much for them to justify. So they forgo it.

Dermisil has acquired the recognition of the Better Business Bureau for the quality of their site and customer service. Many e-commerce websites play such things fast and loose, and don’t concern themselves as much with the ultimate outcome of their actions. This is an unfortunate fact that most have come to overlook simply because it’s so very widespread—if one were to worry about every single site that didn’t necessarily have the best reputation, not much would get done in the way of e-commerce. It isn’t that all these sites are run by scammers, but simply that they’re run by individuals who do not care. In demonstrating that they do, in fact, care for their customers, Dermisil has come to earn the respect and blessing of the Better Business Bureau, a truly glowing recommendation.

Skinchannel Dermisil for Shingles Review

We put Dermisil for Shingles to the test alongside a proper course of antivirals to determine its effectiveness. We held onto our test batch for quite awhile before we had the misfortune of being able to test it directly, but the opportunity did present itself. A mixed blessing of the highest order. Because shingles is a particularly nasty virus, it warrants multiple forms of treatment. Dermisil products are designed to work independently or with prescription drugs, and so we used both at once.

It is worth noting that we are not doctors, nor are we scientists, nor do we have the resources to run a true clinical trial: all we can do is document efficacy in the same way a dedicated customer could if they felt like writing a testimonial. This is not by any means a scientific study.

Our test case’s case of shingles was identified as such after the presentation of a rash that followed after a persistent week of malaise, fever and headaches. Application of Dermisil for Shingles began immediately, along with the prescribed antiviral. For the first two days, our test case reported itching and pain, alongside a headache. Dermisil was applied topically in accordance with its proper use. Following this, the local itching was reported to have diminished, as did the local pain. However, the headache persisted. This result remained consistent through the course of the treatment. Owing to rapid treatment, the test case did not suffer from postherpetic neuralgia.

As a topical agent, Dermisil for Shingles seems effective in its goal of reducing pain and suffering during the course of a viral infection; this is all that can be truly expected of any product until a true medical breakthrough occurs that leads to a miracle cure. Until then, virus treatment will remain an unfortunate case of running out the clock and relieving symptoms. In light of this necessity, Dermisil for Shingles is an effective treatment agent.

Where can I buy Dermisil for Shingles?

Dermisil for Shingles is available through Dermisil’s website. There are a number of other locations that sell Dermisil products, but many of these are unfortunately knockoffs. This says something about Dermisil’s reputation: their brand is worth stealing. Unfortunately, such products do not carry the same guarantees, and there is no way to predict their effectiveness or safety. Thus, it is always safest to purchase them through Dermisil’s own website.

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